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Our Available Services

Transform Your Life

Facial Mask


Holistic Organic Facials
Using botanical skincare and facial sculpting massage techniques, this will leave your skin nourished and glowing!



Using a vegan wax to gently yet efficiently give you ultra soft and smooth skin! There is not part of the body that is off limits. You have hair there, we can get it! Also offering skin treatments for after waxing including vagacial, boot facial, etc.

Green Goodness


We offer a variety of high quality nutritional supplements that practice regenerative farming that produces the most potent nutritional value. We also offer consultations with nutrionists to get you on the right track.


Body Work

Whether you are looking for cupping, detox foot bath, Frequency specific microcurrent, Wholistic Methylation, Chinese herbal remedies, infrared sauna cocoon, we have it!

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